Public Engagement

  • created by Gemma Noviello ESR2 and Meredith Wouters ESR11

How much do you know about EPIGENETICS?

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  • German version (translated by Jan Fabio Nickels ESR4)

Epigenetik Quiz

Epigenetik Quiz Antworten


  • French version (translated by Meredith Wouters ESR11)

Épigénétique Quiz

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  • Italian version (translated by Gemma Noviello ESR2)

Quiz sull’Epigenetica

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  • Spanish version (translated by Andrea Hita Ardiaca ESR14)

Cuestionario sobre Epigenética

Respuestas al cuestionario sobre Epigenética


  • Catalan version (translated by Andrea Hita Ardiaca ESR14)

Qüestionari sobre Epigenètica

Respostes al qüestionari sobre Epigenètica


  • Portuguese version (translated by A. de Oliveira ESR8)

Quiz de Epigenética

Quiz de Epigenética – Respostas

Find the Promoter

created by Karen Amaral de Oliveira – ESR8

Transcription Factors are proteins that bind to specific DNA sequences (promoter or enhancer sequences) and control gene expression. They ensure that the appropriate genes are expressed (transcribed) in the proper cell at the proper time.  Transcription begins when the RNA polymerase binds to a specialized DNA sequence called a promoter, and transcribes DNA into mRNA.

Here, you should help the transcription factor find the specific promoter (yellow) without binding the non-specific (pink) promoter.